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Ying Yang
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Shaolin Kempo Karate empowers your student!


Lil Dragons Classes

Ages 3-4
A non-ranking program.


Reserved for training new students who need more time to mature into the Leopard Cub program.


Leopard Cub Classes

Ages 4-6

Learning basic techniques while playing. All skills can be used when graduating to the Junior Class


Junior Classes

Ages 7-11

Start getting into the heart of the discipline and more soft skills and following the rules of the school is required


Teen Classes

Ages 12-16

Learn or advance the basics while understanding working as a group and the art of take downs.


Adults Classes

Ages 17 & older

Any age is a good age to learn balance and the control of you body in space.


Specialty Classes

ATP, Leadership,
Weapons Clinics,
& Black Belt Club

Opportunities for more knowledge.

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